We will endeavour to do everything we can to accommodate your order and only work on a maximum number of cakes per week so quality and customer service is not compromised.

A booking fee of £100  (Non—returnable) is taken for all wedding cakes to secure the date,  after the

design has been agreed 50% of the total cost is required as a deposit with the remainder due 4 weeks

before the wedding.

Any stands that are hired require a deposit to cover the cost of replacing the stand should it get broken or lost.

Check your order Form

Please check all the details thoroughly on the order form. While we take every measure possible to make sure all the details  are correct it is also the responsibility of the client to make sure they have checked through the form. If you notice any errors after signing please notify us immediately likewise should

anything change the form will be amended to reflect this and copies emailed across.
The booking form needs to be signed by you, please email a scanned copy or post to the above address.

If you want to cancel the order please let us know as soon as possible. Depending on the design some parts of the cake can be made in advance such as flowers and decorations that are attached rather than being applied to the cake itself. If this is the case payment will be required for the work carried out.

If cancellation is 30 days prior to the event then the full balance will be required as it is difficult to then fill this date at short notice.

Customer Satisfaction  Guarantee

In the unfortunate situation that you are for whatever reason not happy with your cake please contact us immediately. We will try our best to rectify the matter before the event. If you are still not satisfied please return the entire cake within 24 hours for the possibility of a refund to be discussed.

If there is a design problem please take a photograph and email or send electronically within 24 hours of the cake being delivered.  Situations where the cake has been eaten and therefore not returned

vouchers maybe offered. If you have a complaint about the flavour a sample must be provided within 24hrs of the cake being  delivered to assess the cake before other factors could affect it.


When a cake is being delivered it remains the responsibility of the company whilst in transit. Where any damage occurs the company will endeavour to repair the cake at the venue.
In the case of an unavoidable event such as a car accident or poor road quality during delivery then Simply Alpa cannot be held liable for more than the price of the cake agreed on the order.
Wedding Insurance

It is recommended to all couples that they take out some wedding insurance to cover any unfortunate eventualities such as weather and sickness.
Once delivered the cake is the full responsibility of the client. Guidelines will be given on how to cut, store and display the cake. Extreme heat, moisture, uneven tables etc will all affect the cake and whilst setting up we will make sure that it is left safely. If we feel extreme heat or sunlight might affect the cake we will discuss this with the venue and make alternative arrangements to move it to a more suitable position.
Naked and Semi Naked Cake
These cakes are set up on the day and any decorations of fruit or flowers assembled in situ. Please arrange with your florist for fresh flowers or foliage to be left at the venue and enough to decorate as you wish. We will then tape all flowers and use posy picks to assemble onto the cake therefore not directly inserting any stems into the cake itself.
Please note that although we take every measure to avoid direct contact with the cake itself we do not take responsibility when the cake is cut should there be any cross contamination. Please check with the venue and the catering company that they are aware of this beforehand.


In the unfortunate circumstance that we are unable to make the cake we will notify you in the first instance.  We will seek alternative contacts of wedding cake designers to see if anyone can step in to take over the design. If no one is available we can offer a dummy cake so you still have a cake to use for photographs. Please note that if the design involves a specialist technique that only Alpa Boll is able to do the design maybe altered and this will be discussed with you until you are satisfied with the alternative arrangements.

We do advise that you take out wedding insurance to cover such circumstances.

The design copyright is the property of Simply Alpa. The client does not have any claim on the

design. The company reserve the right to use images of the cake for promotional purposes after the event.
All photos taken by a photographer will be credited accordingly.

Best Before Date

The cake is baked fresh and in time so that it is still well within shelf life for the event. Any cake left over after the event cannot be guaranteed for longer than two days after the day  unless its fruit cake.

Any leftover cake can be frozen if wrapped in cling film and placed in freezer bags. Consume within three months.

If decorations are to be kept such as sugar flowers or other sugar work boxes will be provided and instructions given to the caterers.